Projects Featured works
We have prepared an epic website, which Mercedes-Benz fans can visit with pleasure, to celebrate 20. year anniversary of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Destan yazılmaz, sürülür Mercedes-Benz Sprinter değişimini keşfedin!
Frontend Development We worked for giving the best experience to users using desktop and mobile views
Experience the story We have created an inreractive canvas animation to show the epic jorney of Mercedes Sprinter.
Frontend & Backend Turkcell Fizy Landing Page
Frontend Development Design to Html/CSS/JS
We have designed a coming soon webpage heralding the return of Fizzy.
We have designed a website for Akfen, whose aim is to give the best offer to their clients about clean energy, so that the clients can compute their savings.
Strategy, Concept & UX Clients can create an online application to get cheaper electricity while considering the costs of consumption and the advantages of Akfen.
We have renewed the webpage of Taurus Mall in order to use it desktop and mobile views.
CMS Development Thanks to administration panel that we have created, the control of the all website, context of mobile devices, campaigns and tournaments can be controlled easily by a single place.
Rest API Thanks to Rest API that we have created, the data transfer from websites to mobile devices can be performed esily and smoothly.
Thumb Ball is a easy and smooth game which has been designed for your thumb. The rules are so easy. Swipe your thumb to right or left, move the balls, do not crash on the falling blocks and to get higher points, keep the balls aways as much as possible.
WEBKİNLİK MOBILE APP Discover today’s events
It is a great platform which is perfect for ones who wants to go out on the town.
UI/UX Design Mobile Development
It has two basic characteristics: it is a platform to follow the events, and it is a mobile application which spotaneously informs you about the events nearby.
Experience the story
Webklinik is an event finding platform whose all sections from planning to designing and from developing to marketing were created and developed within Pabeda
MOBILE GAME Baloon Shooter Bird
It is a balloons blowing game which can be played over android tablets and smart phones by leading a sweet bird on the screen to blow the balloons.